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Your Time Is Important.

Make It Count.

2020 was an absolute dumpster fire. You don't have to be reminded about it and just thinking about it can induce PTSD in some.

If there was one shining light to come out of 2020, it was that out of the constant lockdowns and quarantines the Tiny Timer was born!

Our founder and professional athlete James Newbury found himself still competing around the world and travelling back and forth between his home country Australia and the USA and Europe.

Coming home to Australia meant a mandatory two week quarantine in a small hotel room before being allowed back into the community. To keep himself in top shape James had no choice but to train in his hotel room and this meant adapting as best as possible but he quickly realised that the missing piece for training outside of a gym environment was a personal timer.

With the mandate to produce the ultimate personal gym timer and after testing multiple prototypes the Tiny Timer finally came together and has become a crucial addition to thousands of athlete's gym bag around the world both professional and amateur who train inside a gym, a home, at the track, park or outdoors.

As a professional athlete, James continues to travel the world but doesn't leave home without his Tiny Timer.